ACME MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. er einn af hinu virta framleiðendur, birgja og útflytjendur Textíl litunarvél, með verksmiðju í Taiwan. Með margra ára reynslu í línu gera, við erum þekkt fyrir framúrskarandi árangur okkar í greininni. Við höfum hjálpað okkur eins og einn af leiðandi vörumerki í Taiwan. Við uppfæra stöðugt vörur okkar til að uppfylla alþjóðlega staðla. Við höldum hópur sérfræðinga, sem veitir um fæðingar tíma með mikilli quality.Our einlægni og vinnusemi hefur hjálpað okkur að passa gæði okkar með alþjóðlega staðla.


ACME MACHINERY INDUSTRY was established in 1985 in Taiwan. ACME means outstanding, our logo looks like a dragon boat which symbolizes team work, through everyone’s cooperation to drive the boat to a permanent future. By professional technology and practical attitude, we strive to achieve perfect products; taking the business strategy of innovation and change, we try to segment market. Once we launch a new product, we give a different Chinese opera face to symbolize it. During the past years we have developed series of dyeing machines, thousands of our products are running in more than 20 countries and all of products are worldwide patented, users are over the world.

Since our products are advanced design, we also authorized by our government to use the Taiwan Excellence mark which symbolizes excellent made in Taiwan. Especially we won the 1st National Inventor Award, Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award from Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in recognition of our outstanding performance and dedication to industrial innovation.

As the world faces the shortage of water and energy and serious pollution, ACME has launched a revolutionary product-AM-ICD Intelligent Conveyer Drive High Pressure Constant Speed Dyeing Machine that highly SAVEs energy and PROTECTs environment, this machine equipped with conveyor to drive the fabrics instead of liquor floating. Therefore, it can save more than 65% of water, steam, electricity, and auxiliary, reduce 65% of wastewater and CO2 emission, no doubt it is the best choice of the dyehouse to target the green economic. The machine is a result of more than 20 years research and development, it has worldwide patented, including Euro, U.S.A., U.K., Italy, Germany, China, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey, India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea……etc., hold more than 200 pieces patents. This machine also earned Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award and Taiwan Excellence Award from Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in recognition of its outstanding performance and dedication to industrial innovation.

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